Hi ️👋 I’m,

Parker Rowe

I build things with
👨‍💻 Javascript    

Just a computer engineering student based in ON Canada. I love tinkering with tech to bring people’s ideas to life! Feel free to reach out for a chat! ☕

About Me

I’m Parker, an engineer and software developer in my 3rd year of Computer Engineering specialized in Entreprenuership & Innovation @ Queen’s University.

Ever since I was young I’ve loved to learn about technology and how I can build new things with it. I create things that people use and enjoy, including apps, websites, gadgets and computers.

Outside class I’m a leader in multiple teams which teach and spread interest in tech and engineering.

Aside from tech, I love camping 🏕, playing guitar 🎸 and spending time with friends.

My Work & Projects

  • Canadian Undergraduate Conference on AI 2021 Website

    • React
    • Gatsby
    • Javascript (ES6, JSX)
    • GraphQL
    • Netlify

    A completely revamped and overhauled site for the 2021 CUCAI Conference. Going from branding guidelines and ideas on Figma to creating a fully fledged site using React & Gatsby. Uses Netlify CMS to manage content if other conference organizers needed to change anything.

    F2020 - W2021

  • Hackintosh - MacOS on a Huawei Laptop

    • MacOS
    • Windows
    • OpenCore
    • Kernel Extensions

    Had a really fun time doing a hackintosh + laptop upgrade for my Matebook X Pro 2018 for the first time. Using OpenCore + community made kernel extensions I've got the latest version of MacOS Big Sur dualbooting with Windows from the same drive. Everything is super stable and running well. Noticed battery life has been actually BETTER on MacOS than windows - and running cooler too. Huge credit goes to Profzei who maintains the repo for the Matebook X Pro hackintosh.

    Fall 2020

  • AlarMe, not your average alarm clock.

    • Flutter
    • Dart
    • Arduino
    • NFC

    An alarm clock you can't say no to! App-controlled alarm clock only disabled by an NFC terminal somewhere in your home. Made for MLH Hack At Home.

    May 2020

  • Personal Site v2

    • React
    • Gatsby
    • Javascript (ES6, JSX)
    • GraphQL
    • SCSS

    New & improved site. Inspired by brittanychiang.com

    June 2020

  • Custom Robot Detection AI

    • Python
    • Tensorflow
    • OpenCV
    • Keras

    As AI team lead of Queens University's Robomaster Design Team, I've lead twenty students toward learning, designing and creating auto-targeting robot artificial intelligence. Using Tensorflow's Object Detection API we have created a detection algorithm to detect enemy robot hit plates. Automating this process has given us a considerable advantage against the competition, and we learned a ton in the process! We found that the way we labelled data, and differentiating between red & blue coloured plates had a considerable effect on how accurate our model was. And we still have more work to do!

    December 2019

  • REACH, a social event app.

    • Flutter
    • Firebase
    • Dart
    • Google Maps API

    REACH is an app for Kingston locals and students to find current social events occurring around the city. Developed by me using Google's Flutter SDK, I learned a ton about UI design and UX, as well as state management. This app used a scoped-model state management system that was popular at the time among the Flutter community. This idea was brainstormed by my classmates and I in our first year Engineering Design & Practice course. After being tasked with finding an entrepreneurial solution to a problem, this was our best attempt at helping others find things to do other than homework on the weekends.

    March 2019

  • Mahcrosoft Arcade, a retro arcade made in Java.

    • Java
    • Google Sheets API

    Mahcrosoft arcade is an arcade made by my classmates and I using Java. It included our interpretations of classic arcade games, a global chat channel, and live highscore leaderboards! Using Google's Sheets API we managed to successfully compete for highscores on Tetris from the comfort of our own homes. Our teacher, Mr. Mah, didn't like the name too much though.

    January 2018

  • Personal Site v1

    • HTML
    • CSS

    My first site I made after learning a bit of web development!

    May 2020


  • Software Developer Intern

    Distributed Compute Labs

    Summer 2020 - .

    • Architected & implemented a solution for initialization of different compute worker environments in Node & vanilla web JavaScript. Now in production on a network of thousands of different computers with heterogenous compute capability

    • Took initiative to solidify & improve the onboarding UX for 50+ beta developers joining the platform through the First Devs program

    • Wrote unit & end-to-end test scripts in Node to validate user Ethereum wallets and the compute API, now in company’s Gitlab CI

    check out their site for more!

  • Vice Captain

    Queen's Robomaster Design Team

    May 2020 - Present

    • Lead the operations of a 50+ member campus design team to build 6 robots to compete in the 2021 DJI International Robomaster competition in Shenzhen, China

    • Manage team budget and partnership outreach for the team’s financial security

  • AI Team Manager

    Queen's Robomaster Design Team

    May 2019 - Present

    • Lead a team of 20 students toward learning and applying artificial intelligence using Python with Tensorflow to automate robots for the competitive DJI Robomaster competition in Shenzhen, China

    • Successfully trained and deployed a custom hit-plate object detection algorithm using SSD-Mobilenet-V2 with a NVIDIA Jetson Nano mounted onto the robots to automatically target enemy hit plates

    • Create legacy documentation, schedule weekly meetings, prepare slides, post agendas, update Gantt Charts with team’s progress, and write quarterly reports on AI team progress and design processes

  • Web Developer

    Canadian Undergraduate Conference on AI

    May 2020 - Present

    • Developed CUCAI 2021's new website using Reactjs & Gatsby

    • Utilized Figma to create marketing branding guidelines, social media posts & banners for North America's largest undergraduate conference on AI

Contact Me

Please don't hesitate to contact me by phone, e-mail or social media. ☕

Looking forward to hearing from you!